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Apprehending the world in fragments

Even before words, children are able to read the world through their senses. 
As my parents recounted, when I was around one year old, I loved to spend long periods of time looking at drawings in comic books. Only after enjoying the shapes and colors, I would tear the magazine into little pieces and eat them (a fact that my parents only found out the next day...).
Today, forty-eight years later, I continue to grasp what I see of the world in fragments (although I no longer eat the paper). A fragment holds the essence of the whole. We build our particular reality from these sparse pieces. What do we keep in the drawers of our memory? Why do we erase certain facts, even the remarkable ones? What is the happiness we so much seek if not this collage of small fragments of special moments?

I am a multimedia artist, whose language and technique is always chosen according to the concept to be explored. My artistic work is developed through various means of expression, emphasizing painting, drawing, visual analogy, collage, intervention on objects and photographs, installation and urban intervention.
By putting together these pieces of experiences, dreams, memories, family stories, and perceptions of reality, I seek to create formal and metaphorical analogies. It is these small fragments that make me who I am. 

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