In my artwork, the concept determines the technique, be it painting, drawing, photography, visual analogy, collage, intervention on objects, installation, or urban intervention.  Starting from my personal experience as an immigrant, I explore the concepts of home and shelter; the construction of our perception of the so-called "other"; the migration flows throughout the past and recent history; the way certain facts about our History are sometimes disguised, erased, whitened, silenced; the sense of interdependence with each other and all other living things.


My work is never quite what it seems at a first sight, I like to play with the viewer´s expectations, mixing reality and illusion, and therewith subverting the use of classical art techniques.  In the past I have used stamps as a drawing material, painted with bleach, scratched photos with metal tips simply bathed them in bleach. And even a watercolor, that may seem pretty and innocent, will reveal concealed meaning when observed more closely.


I enjoy working as a multidisciplinary artist, and in collaboration with other artists, often engaging in artistic projects with my partner and fellow artist Joaquim Marques.

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