Pocket Entropy

Pocket Entropy is a creative duo formed by Letícia Barreto and Joaquim Marques. Even though they had already done some experimental projects together, their official collaboration started in 2015, due to the invitation to present a project at the 1st Frestas Art Triennale. At that time the duo´s name was Entropy in a Mug.

Through the use of drawing, painting, photography, sound installation, and urban intervention, their work focuses on matters like the public perception about art and the artists; immigration, the concept of home and shelter.


2018   Exposição de lançamento do Clube dos colecionadores. Fernanda Monteiro Galeria de Arte, Sorocaba/SP; Brazil.

2017    Já não sou quem era quando abalei, Galeria Orlando de Morais, Casa de Cultura Jaime Lobo e Silva, Ericeira, Portugal.  

2016    Paratíssima Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

2016    Nós os outros, SESC Sorocaba/SP, Brazil.

2016   Linhas do destino, part of the project TRANSitar - Ocupações -  Fernanda Monteiro Galeria de Arte, Sorocaba/SP; Brazil.

2016    Project TRANSitar, Museu Histórico Paulo Setúbal, Tatuí, SP.

2016    Intervenções na Fachada, Fernanda Monteiro Galeria de Arte, Sorocaba/SP.

2016   Feira de Prints e Originais em Pequeno Formato. 1st edition. Fernanda Monteiro Galeria de Arte, Sorocaba/SP; Brazil.

2015    MACS Art Fair - Contemporary Art Museum - Sorocaba/SP.

2015   Poipoidrome. Frestas Trienal de Artes. Sesc Sorocaba, Sorocaba/SP, Brazil.

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Frestas Trienal de Artes - Poipoidrome - Sesc Sorocaba 2015

Poipoidrome was the third exhibition nested in the 1st edition of Frestas. Its title is a reference to the homonymous work by French artist Robert Filliou in collaboration with architect Joachim Pfeufer, who proposed a reflection on what art is and who the artists are. Among other artworks, this exhibition segment featured a set of works made by the artists who participate in the Studio for Research in Visual Poetics, coordinated by the curator Josué Mattos.

What do artists do? 

Installation composed of two works: a series of drawings entitled I-phorism and a sound installation entitled I guess that´s it.


I guess that´s it

Paratíssima Lisboa 2016

Transitory Lines

The lines of Destiny

linhas do destino site.jpg

What would Google say?

I'm not the man I used to be when I left